Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ARTSTAR and Little Collector... Do you know ?

Noel Kerns-Prada Marfa
Noel Kerns- Curiosity

Today, I stopped by the cozy, friendly and very well decorated (with its own limited edition prints) of ARTSTAR and  Little Collector headquarters . There is quite a few gems to be had and add for your art collections here folks so, get on it  and start shopping.

I can attest for the print quality of both. My 20/20 perfect eye vision can ensure you that, the limited edition prints and  photographs are of great fine art quality and the label certificate meets the standards and demands of the art collectors market.

Shepard Fairey- Obey Elephant

 Now back to the gems... The Shepard Fairey- Obey Elephant (The Little Collector) is a steal and the printing quality is far superior of ones that, I had even purchased from other competitors. That is a very good one. I posted here a sample of the ones that you should be buying pronto or like yesterday.

Check out both sites and you will find something to rock your walls at a very affordable price.
Happy Shopping!


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