Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zoe Strauss Under I-95

ARTmostfierce has always been a great fan and supporter of Zoe Strauss photographs and its portrayal and reflection of social-economic way society chooses to ignore the every day life of a sector of human American landscape.

The images of Zoe sometimes are hard to look at because we are always so used to look for pretty things and to ignore or to just escape the cruel reality that life can be for some individuals. Even in these images Zoe, manages to bring beauty and a great sense of reflexion.

Sunday May 4Th for the second year in a row, Zoe is holding a special event and they will be color Xerox for sale yes ...$5.00 of her images.

I am planning to attend!

I do also own this photo... so this is your warning!

Check out her blog in which she documents on almost a daily basis, her trails and tribulations as a photographer.

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Anonymous said...

This is fabulous! Nobody has an eye like Artmostfierce.