Sunday, April 6, 2008

Takashi Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum

Attention Shoppers, Bag Ladies and Label Whores!

Is Takashi Murakami shopping spree at the Louis Vuitton Store at the Brooklyn Museum!
You know him as the designer of the most coveted of it-bags; now see Takashi Murakami as the city’s biggest art star.

 His retrospective, opening tomorrow at the Brooklyn Museum, covers 18,500 square feet with cartoony drawings, sculptures, paintings, video and smiley-face flowers. And, oh yeah, a functional Louis Vuitton store. Roberta Smith calls it one of the show’s “visual high points,” adding that “it’s an ingenious key to the Pandora’s box of Mr. Murakami’s art and stuffed with questions of art and commerce, high and low, public brand and private expression, mass production and exquisite craft.” Stick around for the First Night party, which features anime, Japanese bands and a D.J., and a manga-based costume contest.
See articles by Carol Voguel and Roberta Smith of the New York Times listed accordingly in the links below.
ARTmostfierce might not get to see it till next weekend. Very busy over here planning a party to launch this blog. Crazy right?


pAbLO said...

Brooklyn here I come!
Must bring TARAGATA with me to Git the inside tour-scoop....
LOVE the lady in that one of your shots ARTmostFierCE?
and...did U say BLOG PARTEE???!!!!

dating girl said...

Someone already sold one of the "gimme" placemats that Murakami created for the Kanye West dinner at the Brooklyn Museum on ebay. Also for sale, the LV Camophlage piece that was being sold at the event for $2-3,000 -- now $14,000 on ebay buy it now with a certificate of authenticity from Louis Vuitton. It went up from $9,000 over the weekend. My my, people are rather greedy.