Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Andrew Valli

ARTmostfierce forgot to mention the work of this talented artist during the Pool Fair in NYC. Andrew Valli captures the essence of the American landscape in a realistic and stylish manner. His photographs have a reminiscent effect of Richard Prince photos except that Andrew's images are his own creation and not like Prince's appropriation of pop culture western (Marlboro cigarette) ads. There is also an Ansel Adams influence as well when it comes to the landscape images.

For me living in a concrete jungle like NYC, it is rather refreshing to find nature, western outdoors , landscape and rural life represented in photos with such refinement. One of my favorite images is the first one in which Andrew told me himself that he was in some wooded area in 2003 and stumbled upon this sign that said ''Where is Osama?'' . This is the question that most of us are still asking today. I thought it was brilliant to capture such a haunting image and message in one photo all together from a remote place in America. His prices are very affordable and the body of work may I suggest, quite collectable! Keep an eye on him.
Please find below a small bio and personal statement plus a link to his website!
Another ARTmostfierce find...enjoy!

Born in Wisconsin and raised outside of Chicago,
Andrew Valli's In-Dependence photographic series
captures stolen moments from Americana, in humor and
in darkness. Shot over many years, states, and odd
jobs, the series is still developing.

"I like photographs for the stories they tell and the
truths they can convey. Photography is like visual
music. I can remember the time, place and smell even,
from a photograph I have taken. I am a searcher, and
as any good photographer is I believe, a voyeur. I
like to shoot what we all see, but what we never take
the time to see."

“Vice and virtue are to the artist materials for an
art.” – Oscar Wilde


pAbLO said...

Where is Osama? is brilliant. I'd like to know...but I bet our beloved "average joe" says: Huh? Os' WHO??
I like the horses and the lanscape pics as well. Some of the people's portraits remind me of Richard Avedon's American wEst pics.
Great work Andrew!

Anonymous said...

It's great work and very well put together. I'd like to see more.