Thursday, April 24, 2008

Party !

Please enjoy this week header photo above by Mickalene Thomas Quanikak Goes Up, 2005 c-print 48 x 60 inches courtesy of the artist and Lehmann Maupin Gallery.

ARTmostfierce party was a lot of fun!

The crowd was just phenomenal! Mostly from all walks of the Art, Fashion,Design & Architecture industry.Lots of smart , cool and beautiful people!
The images above are from the sponsors and artists who graciously donated their artwork and their products for the event. Thank you!
Would like to express my most sincere thanks to the following:

1. Kellie McLaughin -Aperture Foundation- Kellie you are so fantastic!. So great doing business with you! Thanks also to Christina Caputo and all the whole Aperture Gang!

2. Victor Grasso- Artist - Thanks for the wonderful box of postcards illustrating samples of your great paintings. Thanks for coming , your wife is a doll ! Also your guest friends were a joy to talk to.

3. Dena Fereira -Sales Manager @ Equinox- Thanks you so much for help sponsoring the event, your free daily passes and your generous $250.00 monthly pass donation for the silent auction.

4. Frank Martinez & Madeline Morales-Rums of Puerto Rico- Thanks for keeping the Rum flowing all night and for the wonderful t-shirts , hats and beach towels! This is from my homeland! Great!

5. Steve Madden -Designer-For helping sponsoring the event , the great bags for VIP's and who can forget the luscious lipstick pens. Also many thanks for donating a $500.00 shopping gift certificate at Steve Madden for the silent auction.

6. Mickalene Thomas- Artist - Mickalene so great that you came and Carla Camacho from Lehmann Maupin and your posse. Special thanks for the card that Mickalene made for the event gracing the ARTmostfierce blog header it! Fierce indeed.

7. Pablo Colon- Artist-Pablo -Thanks for the great limited edition photo 4min. for the VIP bags. Also for the delicious drinks drinks made by him that made us twirl all night!

8. To all the Gang at The Switzer Group Architects & Interior Designers (where I work also!) for coming and buying art in support. Laura , Mandy, Christen and Michael .

9. Leslie Farrell- One of my Motorcade Mafia posse ! Leslie you are the best! Your support and help goes beyond words! Love you!

10. Maxi Cohen- Thanks for the great cards promoting your work!

11. Printed Matter - Thanks for the cards promoting the Book Fair!

12. Stacy Boge- Photographer- Stacy thank you for contribution to the silent auction.

13. Leah Oates- Photographer- Leah you are just incredible, great 5x 7 photo and presentation.Always such a class act since we met ! Looking forward going to your studio soon.It is so refreshing to know that they are people like you in NYC. Rare and a great find like your photos!

14. Reyez Melendez- Artist- Reyes loved the beautiful card you made for the VIP bags.So great !I am glad you made it to the festivities.Thank you!

15.Lou Corredor -Editor of Departures Magazine -American Express- Thanks for coming!Long way from the SoHo Grand

16. Yeni Mao- Artist-Thanks for coming and looking forward seeing more of your creations!

17. Mike Hoeh- Modern Art Obsession blog- Thanks for your support Mike, you know ARTmostfierce is the rebellious stepchild of MAO!

18.Robin Rice- Photographer and Gallery Owner- Thanks for coming Robin!. This made me rediscovered your gallery and my wallet is marching to 11st very soon for some classic photography!

19. Dean Papademetriou- One of my oldest friends from my college days in Boston.Dean, the same night you had a book reading from your publishing company and I had a art blog launching party.Who said that the Sex and the City characters were not based on gay boys lifestyle?

20.William Tyler- Friend...well more like the only family I got here. Thanks for coming and the music CD donated for the VIP gift bags!

21.Andrew Valli -Photographer and his sweet intelligent wife Aimee. Thanks for coming from Florida! Please check my blog post on Andrew's work and his web site!

22. Janet Finkel- Friend- Janet thanks for your support and your V2K cards!

23.To the rest of you know who you are Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Aimee said...

Ruben - You are the best! Bravo and kudos to you for your talents of mixing art, culture and new friends so well! Salut to new beginnings and future success!

pAbLO said...

Ruben THANK YOU for pulling together such an eclectic and amazing group of people with excelent results!! WHAT A PARTEE!!!
Thank you for sharing your expert art advice and knowledge; I have learned SO MUCH from you. You are one of a kind! Also MANY thanks for believing in my art.
Wishing you continued success and may your art collection continue to GROW with many more minter's, goldin's, etc, etc...!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ruben, Thank you for a great party and all of your hard work. It was a pleasure to have a chance to speak with you and your friends. You are on to something...Andrew

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ruben on the ARTmostfierce launch. The art world will never be the same!!!