Monday, April 14, 2008

Marilyn Minter Supreme Skateboards Decks

Can't afford a Marilyn Minter painting or photograph?

Well then you might try to hurry and go to Supreme to get the latest Skateboard Deck by the multi talented artist Marilyn Minter. Supreme has been for a while using the artist of the moment like Larry Clark, Richard Prince,Ryan McGinness etc..etc to use their most popular images on the skateboards. 

Three of the most popular glamorous  images of her work: The Shit Kicker heels , The Glitter Eye and the Lips With Pearls are available now for a cool $78.00 USD each. They don't take phone orders or hold it for you but, they do take American Express! 

Artist  Jeff Koons did his Monkey Train series last year (were only $64.00) and thanks to the Ebay flippers now they sell  as high as $1,400.00 each! Crazy right?

 ARTmostfierce loves the images so, got the set of three.Hurry !they will sell out fast and you will have nothing glamorous  to sell on Ebay or something cool to adorn in your house. How you decorate with them?... well I might have to charge you for that but, there is a way...go figure!

By the way the Ebay flippers already have them going for $300.00-$500.00 USD.See how fast it is? Go and get yours now!


Laura said...

I definitely checked out the decks and really want to go to the store to see them in person. They are also going to be available online soon. Do you think I still have time to check them out?

ruben said...

Yes, but hurry. They are selling fast!

dating girl said...

The decks are gorgissimo! Fun buying them with you Ruben! Check out Philips de Pury's First Saturday auction. They are selling a single Koons monkey train deck for an estimate of $1000-$1500.

pAbLO said...

The decks are GORGEOUS how can you question Artmosfierce taste???? HELLOW?!
I ran today and got two out of three....(darn!)They will be receiving the HEEL!!!!! this pm or tommorrow....

pAbLO said...

I got the "Heel"!!!! called this pm and they had just got them in!
Run if you want one, they are selling faaaaaassssst.

Laura said...

Leslie and I are now proud owners of Marilyn Minter decks. I have the heal and Les the eye. When I was there they were out of the mouth. I can't say that the sales people were the best of help though... so who really knows what they have left.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Ruben, the mafia has a deck!! Great party, by the way.

Anonymous said...

At first, I honestly didn't even notice that it was a skateboard. The concept or the design itself are so cool and I am pretty sure that all skaters would probably want to buy this new designs.