Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zoe Strauss, Philly & Brotherly Love!

ARTmostfierce made it to the City of Brotherly Love by bus (I do not drive and the Chinese bus will get you there in 1 1/2 hours for $10.00 each way ...Fierce!) to meet and see Zoe Strauss and her 1-95 exhibit going on her eight year as part of a 10 year project.

Let me tell you folks, you have to check out this project before it is over(only 2 more years). It is so refreshing to see an artist commit to a cause and help its community(Philadelphia Arts Project).

What a nice experience was to get out of New York City where sometimes the business savvy, money hungry, cold and calculating art scene diminishes the true appetite for art. Zoe's outdoor exhibit under 1-95 in Philadelphia on the other hand provided kindness, sense of community, manners, reflection and lots of brotherly love . Let's not forget the wonderful photographs .

For only $5.00 you could obtained images in a very humble but, quite organized event. At the end of the event the real photos hanging are given for free. ARTmostfierce of course had its favorite and stood like a bulldog for more than 1 1/2 to snatch it off the wall. People were doing the rounds but, I smiled and said it is mine!

While waiting, I got interviewed by the United Artist Organization (who gave Zoe a grant this year) and you could see by the photos that, I got my prize at the end of the day.

Zoe, you got a friend and a true admirer of your work in NYC. Love you!
Your mom, your partner, your sister, the girls that gave me a ride back into downtown... love you all and thank you. It was a great Sunday and a great event. See you all next year!


pAbLO said...

CONGRATS on scoring such great Zoe Strauss treasures!
NEXT year count me IN~
Is the new "lead" photo a LEAH OATES? LOVE IT!

ruben said...

Yes it is Leah's photo. I saw it at her studio this past Saturday. It is on a lightbox and looks even better!
Zoe's was great. Next year, I am doing a busload full of people!

Mike @ MAO said...

Hey Ruben!!

I'm so jealous that you got your photo taken with Zoe..

NEXT year.. MAO is going to Philly too!

We love ZOE... She Rocks!

ZS said...

Ruben! Sorry I didn't make it up to NY on Monday... right after the show it was like I lapsed into semi- consciousness. Thanks a million for coming, for the bag and for your support.... you know I was so happy to meet you. Looking forward to seeing you before next year!