Thursday, March 27, 2008

SCOPE NY @ Lincoln Center

Here are some highlights from SCOPE NY Art Fair.

Corey Arnold
The Wave (Bering Sea, Alaska)
Chromira C-Print 2003

This photograph is my favorite of all the Art Fairs combined. Corey Arnold photographs are mostly taken while working in a fishing boat at sea. Considered one of the most dangerous jobs, the photos are quite stunning, full of energy and edgy. keep an eye on him. Sara Tecchia of Sara Tecchia Gallery and Risa Needleman epitomized what costumer service and pleasant gallery atmosphere should be . Their gallery booth rocked more than a boat at sea in so many ways. See link below and pay them a visit!

Carlos Betancourt -The Hedge 2007
Giclee print
Keep a close eye on this Puerto Rican artist. During Miami Art Basel 2007 he had a great installation on display.His photos are insanely delicious and extremely colorful in every meaning of the word. See the link below and for more of this fiesta art!

Judith Larsen
Ocula-2007, Iris print on Somerset velvet paper
63'' x 73 ''
At the RHYS Gallery booth we found the work of Judith Larsen quite mesmerizing. See link below for more info.

Bahk Seon Ghi
Point of View Table, 2007
At Regis Krampf booth this installation was just brilliant! It was made mostly with chunks of coal and fishing wire . The shadows effects and space created within was worth seeing.
See link below for more artist and gallery info.


Paul Pincus said...

Corey Arnold is very, very talented. We picked up three images through Richard Heller. You're right...he is one to watch.

pAbLO said...

Corey's Pics are amazing...thanks for introducing me to his work. Carlos Bentacourt is an awesome guy as is work. Glad you inbcluded his work too.

dating girl said...

Judith Larsen's zebra woman was mesmerizing! How is it that you instinctively gravitate toward everything I like and manage to post it on the site?? Perhaps that's because you are totally FABULOUS!



karen Schuld said...

great party and great meeting everyone-
the photography was fabulous! I am glad
Janet brought me along. Irma wishes she would
have been there.