Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nina Berman @ 20 x 200

Photo: 9-11-02 by Nina Berman

loves 20 x 200 !
Another big score from Jen Beckman featured last week in the New York Times.
Wednesday Edition is from the fierce photographer Nina Berman.
The photo is tilted 9-11-02 and  is part of the Homeland Insecurity series
This one is for the collection of keepers ... not flippers!
Nina's work is just fascinating and has a great deal of social consciousness.
Go and get one!


angelo said...

incredible...but I shot myself and my ass hurts!! Just like in the video with "O Superman" is still stinging.

Your work is Fabulous...

Nina you are a ROCK and you rock!

pAbLO said...

My collection has scored a Nina Berman 9-11-02...her website...awesome....Armostfierce insights FIERCE!

Lisa Hunter said...

Agreed. Nina Berman rocks.

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