Sunday, March 2, 2008

Photography Rules! #3

ARTmostfierce 3rd stop was The Pace Wildenstein Gallery on West 25th Street to see the new photographic series by Lucas Samaras titled "NYC Chairs"on view from February  21- March 29, 2008. 
Samaras created this works over the past year going around NYC finding chairs and then back at the  studio manipulate the images ''dressing them up'' to make them more luxurious, dramatic and provide them more identity. He turns an every day  familiar object of use, most times discarded ,  into object of desire. The photos are done in two sizes: 22'' x 36''- 3/4'' for $18,000.00 USD and 8''-1/2'' x 14'' for $1,000.00. The whole show was curated in such way that the same exact smaller image was below the larger version. 

Artmosfierce thought that it was such a clever way to demonstrate that the artist wanted to have a smaller and  way most affordable edition for the public to acquire. Again... way tempted but, the plastic money was left at home. The show is interesting and it shows how most galleries are beginning to embrace the price point of artworks in this  current fluctuating economy. 

The final stop for the day was to see Michel Francois at  Bortolami Gallery. The sculptures look rather fragile and not too strong in content. What was interesting was the series black and white photographs group in series under one single large frame. These same images were reproduced and neatly stacked on the floor for you to take home...YES FREE! A very kind and conceptual idea formerly  used by  one and only Felix Gonzales -Torres.
The show is on display from February 21- March 27, 2008. Go and get your FREE prints (see above) frame them and give them as a wedding gift, birthday gift or put them on Ebay for sale...Ha!


angelo said...

...YES FREE! A very kind and conceptual idea formerly used by one and only Felix Gonzales -Torres.
I remember when Felx Gonzales did that...that was great!!!
Everyone love free is for saving...ideas.

angelo said...

I meant: Art is for sharing...ideas.

But I guess it was a savings for some with that free art!

pAbLO said...

Thanks again ARtmostfierce!
I have a set of the photos...they are BIG and glossy!i also ahve a set of Felix Gonzales-Torres....his art is unique. God things are worth to emulate.
We love FREE art!

Leah Oates said...


I love Art Most Fierce..the work you select is always
strong and there is a focus on female artists which
is great.

Many thanks!