Saturday, March 1, 2008

Photography Rules! #1

ARTmostfierce did a quick gallery tour this afternoon in Chelsea (no motorcade mafia) in dark shades and a hoodie (not the out of rehab look either!) and found some ART shows worth mentioning. This will be done in a couple of blog series only about this tour (too much to tell).

Photography as a media, keeps dominating the walls in most fierce (meaning trendy) galleries. The white framing still rules (even though is not my favorite choice at times). Now there is a new Trend picking up...''the light box''. ARTmostfierce always liked this way of displaying images. While at ART Basel Miami (Pool Fair) I loved the photographic work of Leah Oates which included some fabulous light boxes. It is such a great way to display ART and think about it girls, it is a great subtle light source in your home if placed right you might not need that Ikea or West Elm lamp (I prefer Artemide, Flos or some good vintage lamp). The final effect is almost cinematic and quite striking!

At Yossi Milo Gallery, Muzi Quawson, ''Pull Back the Shade''demonstrates the effect of the light box. The artist followed Amanda Jo Williams (mother of twins and musician) for four years documenting her life, young motherhood, domesticity, social alienation and interactions with other people. The photos in particular do not have the best photo quality finish (resolution) and even if they were trying to have the raw appeal of Zoe Strauss or some of Nan Goldin's for $10,000.00 USD, still don't meet the price tag. What saves the show it is the fact that the light box and the story behind it gives the aura of a cinematic experience and gives you the illusion of a short documentary film (indie). This show came from the Tate in London shown there only as a slide show. It is still quite striking to walk in a room full of large light boxes! Oh by the way...there is a Yossi Milo North (small new gallery) right behind the (hallway) of Yossi Milo (South?). Kind of North Korea and South decide!

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angelo said...

...''the light box''. ARTmostfierce always liked this way of displaying images.
I love this also. One of my favorite pieces of art was a watercolor I painted that I made into a lampshade....
the final effect is striking and a great light source.