Friday, March 21, 2008

Bert Teunissen @ 20 x 200

Jen Beckman is on fire again this week ! This week edition is by the one and only Bert Teunissen. It is a great image and selling quite fast!
For $20.00 USD is a bargain!Go and get one.

Again folks this one is for collectors keepers... not flippers

ARTmostfierce really likes Bert Teunissen photos. He also has limited editions for sale at Aperture for those more concern with the signature right on the print.
Happy Easter!


Laura said...

This picture is selling like crazy! I can't wait to get my copy this week!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ARTmostfierce for introducing me to 20x200. It's fab.

Mike @ MAO said...

Thank Ruben..

I just bought this work.

ruben said...

I really like this photo!
Can't wait to get it.
The medium size for $200.00 might be a better deal considering that Aperture has the same size for $750.00

pAbLO said...

I got me one too!

Lisa Hunter said...

How much do we all love Jen Bekman? I sometimes feel like we ought to send her flowers and candy.

ruben said...

Went to Aperture foundation yesterday and guess what folks.
The 20 x200 Bert Teunissen photo is included in the Aperture book!
Kellie from Aperture gave the book to ARTmostfierce as a gift.
Check it out and buy the book. For only $40.00 USD you can prove to the world how good of an investor you are and how good your eye for photography is!