Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Channel ...errr Client #9

ARTmostfierce felt relieved and vindicated when Governor Elliot Mess (former Ness) Spitzer resigned today.
I do not like to mix politics with my favorite topics but , this one was too hard to be ignored.
Betraying the voters of NY State like me, people that thought that he was a man of integrity and do the right thing, turns out to be another crooked Ivy League, wealthy, old boys club, white man with a sense of entitlement!
This one got me fool folks. If I was Silda , Lorena Bobbit would not have one on me!
Let's not even discuss the fact about our former Governor trying to have sex without a condom with a whore!...hypocrite...ha!
Well ...he is out and March 17, 2008(I will celebrate with green beer) we will have David Patterson as a new Governor.

Some men (including some dear gay male know who you are ) think first with their dicks and as with Spitzer there is always a  price to pay for it.
Keep your dick in your pants.


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Anonymous said...

you are bad...obbito....don't cut it off...
all men are dog...bow -wow!!!!

When are they going to make it know there are a lot od hos out there!

You remember me:Lassie's brother.