Friday, February 29, 2008

Whitney Museum Biennial 2008

Rita Ackermann, Nun/Mother/Whore,2006 Collage on plexiglass, double sided, 83 x 43 in. (210.8 x 109.2 cm) Collection of the artist.

ARTmostfierce wants everybody to start getting prepared for this event.
Get your Prada or Nada ready ! . Let's hope we see something as dramatic and spectacular as Terence Koh bliding light, Marilyn Minter Stiletto's paintings or Mark Bradford Paintings
MARCH 6 - JUNE 1From March 6-23, Biennial extends to Park Avenue Armory

See Article written by Carly Berwik of New York Magazine

The Facebook Biennial
How social networks have taken over this year’s Whitney festivities.
By Carly Berwick
Published Feb 29, 2008

Whitney curator Shamim Momin is walking the West 22nd Street gauntlet. She nods and waves and touches cheeks in the Continental manner to a succession of doe-eyed bearded men and slim-hipped men in large sneakers loitering outside Friedrich Petzel Gallery. It’s not true that Momin knows everyone in contemporary art in New York, but it’s as close to true as can be said of anyone.
Inside, people are drinking beer in celebration of Seth Price’s new wood-veneer-and-plastic wall pieces: enlarged found images of basic human interactions represented via negative space; in other words, the outlines of hand pictures grabbed online. Momin, petite in heels and a tightly belted long sweater over a dark green baby-doll dress, greets Price, a lanky 34-year-old New York artist, then walks up to a tall blonde woman standing in the center gallery. It’s Henriette Huldisch, her co-curator for this year’s Whitney Biennial. Price is one of the 81 artists in the Biennial, and, a few weeks before the show is to open on March 6, his curators have come out to support him. With Huldisch is her taller, blonder husband, Andy Graydon, a film editor and sound artist. It’s past eight and Huldisch, who has an infant at home, is giving Graydon the look that means it’s time to leave. It’s barely perceptible, a flattening of the lips and an intensity about the eyes.
There are other Biennial artists here, too: conceptual provocateur Fia Backström, printmaker Matthew Brannon, sculptor Heather Rowe. The new walls are up on the Whitney’s fourth floor, the curators tell Rowe, and it’s time to install her art—itself a series of drywall supports marking out unbuilt walls. Momin speaks in fast, gushing, interlinked sentences, while Huldisch, who is German, picks her words carefully.
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Anonymous said...

Ruben, your blog is getting stronger, "fierce" and elegantly insightful.
I am really impressed by your dedication and instinctual vibe for the worthy and progressive.
Can't wait to witness how this expands to endless possibilities.

Lassie's brother said...

Well I can see that ARTmostfierce is part of the instant gratification generation...
I want it now!!!
your on the cutting edge...but where is my Lassie article?