Saturday, February 25, 2012

''Subway Chicas On The Go'' A New Photography Series BY RNSM

''Jqueen'' 2012 NYC, From the series'' Subway Chicas On The Go''
.© Ruben Natal-San Miguel
My latest object of obsession is Women or, as I called them, ''Chicas'' as they circumnavigate or go ''sashaying'' their way through the NYC Subway System. I always wonder where they are heading, why some of them are so pensive, some getting ready while they ride it before coming out above ground, some are self involved in the latest gadgets, at times with  all of them at unison or simply traveling in groups together to a destination. Some seemed happy, some look sad, some are angry, some tired, some agitated and some so serene that, they are worth capturing all such moments aforementioned. There is something so contemporary, independent, fresh, liberating about it. I always admired of how strong, stylish, bold and unique NY women are. NYC is so heavily populated by women vs men in such disparate proportions ( almost 10 to 1 ratio) that want to explore the idea of how that puts pressure and makes them stand out and be stronger that most women in other cities. I am currently exploring the theme as some of you already know .'' Subway Chicas On The Go'' is my newest body of photography work series.

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