Thursday, February 9, 2012

So long ART Chicago...Hasta La Vista!

Winds of Change

Adios Art Chicago!
Art Chicago is no more. Held at the Merchandise Mart and re-branded Next Art Chicago, the show closed with little warning yesterday. No one is happy to hear that the large corporate entity, who "had the resources to survive the economic swings in the art market" has left the Midwestern art market for good. All eyes turn towards Exposition Chicago (interview link), but there is still a wistfulness that we couldn't even have one calendar year with more than one major art fair. Not to mention the fact that when a large corporation crunches the numbers and subsequently throws up its hands and abandons our visual art scene, it's slightly depressing. So is the fact that we're going to stop updating Chicago Art Map due to lack of advertiser support.

"We are now a large Cleveland," on commenter said.

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