Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Boogie Bronx

'Bodega'' 2012 Bronx, NYC. From The '' Nocturnal / Activo De Noche '' Series© Ruben Natal- San Miguel

I had been exploring in The Bronx by now for a bit more of a week almost on a daily basis for about 3-4 hours (sundown to early evening). Had already stopped in almost every single subway stop in all the lines 1,2, 4,5,6, B & D and explored around walking miles and miles on foot. I had found some interesting scenery but, still waiting for that wow factor. This might not happen since the Bronx like most, metropolitan areas in NYC had gone through a fast gentrification and modernization with a final effect in the storefronts of businesses, bodegas,auto, barber shops, beauty salons, Laundromats, restaurants, bars and even record stores that is almost too uniform and standard. You cannot tell them apart from one area to the next one. It saddens me, the pattern is so obvious that, they all look like a version of a Starbucks cookie cutter  storefront patterns from one community to the next one.

Yes, some are gritty looking but, they had lost that Old New York flavor and a look that, I aspire to see, find and capture.

In terms of people, had to be honest, the further up you go to the Bronx, people turn out to be more plain looking
( nothing wrong with that ), simple and almost like a blank facade. it almost feels like a suburb where everybody looks and dresses alike. The closer you get to the Manhattan boundaries people, have more of an edge, interesting look. Once you hit 125 St in Harlem. ( called it bias) every other person on the street has a '' look'' and are great subjects for photographs to be made of.

I still need to go during daytime and things might be a bit different. I just could not believe it!

As for now, will start in Brooklyn tomorrow with great hope to find more of that Old New York that keeps eluding me and disappearing right in front of my eyes by the minute...

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