Wednesday, June 10, 2009


All photos by RJ Shaughnessy from Your Golden Opportunity Is Comeing Very Soon

Western Avenue, Los Angeles , 2008

One of the most wonderful things about having a blog is that you have a voice, can communicate and be heard. It is almost surprising the amount of people that read  your blog even though your comment box at times has no comments.

One of these people is RJ Shaughnessy. I got an email from him and in it, he kindly offers to send me a copy of his newest book
Your Golden Opportunity is Comeing Very Soon. I said yes and the very next day, the book was at my door.

Books are made for many different reasons , especially photography books.In YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY IS COMEING VERY SOON , RJ takes on the theme of nightly urban car crash sites in the City of Los Angeles, CA.

The photographs, taken at night , they give the impression while you cruise through the book, that you are driving your car with your lights on and  discovering the crash sites. There is no text needed in the book, the images speak for it selves.The variety of locations in such car culture city like Los Angeles, makes you wonder if they were any casualties, who got hurt?, who's fault was it?, were they drunk driving?..a fight? or maybe someone felt sleep under the wheel? The scenarios that come to mind are endless.The photographs are black and white and being taken at night , they have an eerie, intriguing, sleek and urban decay landscape feel. Amy Stein pointed out on her blog that they possess a Weegee-esque flash and I agree.Also, I  find a vintage elegant quality to them, something reminiscent of the 1940'-1950's. In a limited edition of 500 hand signed copies , YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY IS COMEING VERY SOON, is available at Collete and Dashwood Books

This book is self published by RJ Shaughnessy himself...BRAVO!

I enjoyed looking at it and since, I don't drive it sort of  gave me the feel of what would be like driving at night...not to worry... I will not be driving at all anytime soon!

Thank you RJ !

Please check out RJ site over here:

Crescent Height Boulevard, Los Angeles, 2008

Glendale Boulevard #1 , Los Angeles, 2008

La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, 2008


Matilda Anderson said...

Very interesting! It really reminds me of the crash and murder images that Warhol focused on, with a more contemporary twist of course!

ruben said...