Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009 Bushwick Biennial

Ok...well for some reason every time I leave Manhattan, I am lost!

So when I got invited for a VIP tour of the new Bushwick Biennial in Brooklyn NYC with limousine and flowing champagne...I said why not?

Never been in Bushwick before and since I can't afford (we are all poor now!)The Venice Biennial this year, might as well check out the local Biennial. The limo(a very Miami Vice white stretched Hummer) was full with curators, art collectors, dealers and yours truly. Sipping champagne and looking over the graveyard tombstones over the expressway in Queens, I thought... oh boy this does not beat a ride on a gondola in Venice but, at least I would not get lost!

The Bushwick Biennial has ways to go but, like Rome or Venice they were not built in a day...

Yeah...this was the limo!

Sustained (ghetto style) Fabulousness inside the Stretched Hummer Limo-Hilarious!

Here is a detail of Meg Hitchcock piece

At NURTUREart a Non-Profit Gallery, the work of Meg Hitchcock caught my eye. She cuts out very small letters of the Koran and the Bible and forms (holy text on paper) images and phrases with them. Very interesting. She was written up in ART in America in 2001.

Also at NURTUREart , the photos of Jason Falchook
Fill 2006 

Now Folks this was worth my trip over. I strayed for a bit because the area is worth a million photos.  Need to go back with my limo..errrr...  my bicycle and explore the area. I found this one in a bar window and I think it is just hysterical!

For those who no hablo espanol, what the sign says is ''WE NEED YOUNG WOMEN FOR FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS''

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