Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Photos  by Kate Maier for the East Hampton Star (we were not allowed to photograph during the event)

Photo from David E. Rattray for the East Hampton Star ( not mine , we were not allowed)

Photographer Spencer Tunick  instructing the crowd

Photo assistants testing the morning light.

Crowd gathering at Montauk Lighthouse parking

Well... another adventure for me to remember !

Monday morning I was up at 2:00 AM to be part of photographer Spencer Tunick Montauk , NY photo shoot. I did not sleep , I was sort of excited and nervous at the same time but, so most people doing it with me. The road from East Hampton to Montauk was surreal, desolated at dark , kind of like a David Lynch movie. I am  such a big fan of Spencer Tunick works of art and for the longest time wanted to be part of one of his works.

When we got to the parking,  they were tons of people waiting, some young, some men but, the majority were women over 30. The crowd was composed of all walks of life people , short, tall , slim , fat, dark,white , tattooed and even body piercings (genital too) were on display...ok?

After signing a release form and address info (yes to get the  free print ok!) we marched like little soldiers and obeyed to take our clothes off and get to it...OMG ...Ok I am in shape , my body has good proportions, I got no scars, no tattoos, had being photographed before  and even visited nude beaches  but this...was different... for a few seconds , I was terrified!!! ha ha ha!

Oh... did I mentioned how cold it was...we were all shaking (me more for being nude in front of over 200 PP).

So after getting over that , it was great, got over the fact that were nude in public and enjoyed the whole experience. Spencer was  extremely cool, gregarious and professional and really made things better. Seeing in the crowd were photographer Sarah Small, Art Dealer James Salomon  from Salomon Contemporary and photographer  Casey Kellbaugh  who was working for Spencer Tunick

We did five different poses and it all went pretty  fast. The last shot was all women by the Lighthouse and it looked beautiful! (See photo) . No cameras were allowed so I only took photos at the parking gathering only. 

Will I do it again? ...ABSOLUTELY YES!
Do I recommend people to live it up and do it? ...HELL YEAH!
And just remember...HAVING SUN TAN LINES will NOT get you in front of the photo.

For those who don't know about international photographer Spencer Tunick see his web site:

East Hampton Star article about it here:

Now, I am eagerly waiting for my print to come in the mail and to attend the party celebration in a few months. Thanks Spencer! 

You set me free!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello...I too participated in the Montauk Installation, what a great experience despite the cuts and bruises! Would I do it again! A B S O L U T E L Y !
My wish for Spencer Tunick is peace, love & perfect lighting!


ruben said...

See at the next one and remember to say hello!