Saturday, January 10, 2009

POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE 1/10/09 @ Metro Pictures

ARTmostfierce got up very early Saturday to volunteer for the Postcards from the Edge @ Metro Pictures. I was full of energy and ready to sell. It was a mad house at the beginning with frantic art collectors running around after the prized 5 x 7 artworks.

Oh... by the way the opening Friday night was quite fabulous and people were seriously doing their homework for the next shopping day. Some were taking photographs and even making lay out floor plans of the gallery so the next morning they could snatch the artwork from the wall before the blink of an eye. There was a family...yes a family of art collectors that operated very Art Mafia Style ...their sons were recruited and were camping out outside in a rental car at 9:00 PM sharp Friday night till Metro pictures opened to the public the next day Sat @ 11:00 AM...OK?
What did they snatch?
A Marilyn Minter Photograph,
A Robert Longo original drawing
A Cindy Sherman original Photo/Collage!
A Jeff Koons !
Pretty Fierce right @ $75.00 each!
And the biggest price artwork was anatched by a single guy that was there at the crack of dawn as well ...The Kara Walker hand made cut out collage...Congratulations as well!
So don't mess with that family...they might put an art hit on you!
I had the pleasure or misfortune to hand out the Marilyn Minter (was gorgeous) to them!

My wall was almost sold out by the end of my shift and somebody there kept taking my picture and I hope It does not end up in some dirty!

I felt great doing the volunteering work , got to see collector friends, dealers and kinds of new people.I highly recommended!

They were so kind that at the end of my shift I got to chose a free postcard. I got a good one but, more than anything , I felt great helping a great organization. Please get involved next year but, don't try to snatch my artwork choices...I am already in the process of organizing my own Artmostfierce Mafia...right Cesar?

Cindy Sherman Unique Photo/Collage

The Kara Walker unique collage that EVERYBODY wanted!


Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I didn't can you "compete" with professional art collectors/flippers? I know I didn't stand a chance against the pros.

ruben said...

Well lets see. Maybe by volunteering like I did, next year you might be able to be ahead of the game. Some volunteers that placed the work on the wall had an advantage to know...there you go...see! Not that hard. Besides the idea mostly is to raise money for AIDS. The art world is a competitive one and yes you have to be smart and have an edge. BTW Anonymous, these were real collectors not flippers. You can find those posting on E-Bay .

Volunteer next year and you might get better results...but I hear you It was kind of cut-throat!
So it is living in NYC!

Laura said...

Wow. What an amazing selection!

Anonymous said...

I was the WINNER of the Kara Walker piece. I was first in line, did not come with anyone and played totally by the rules. I am a 30yr old collector...NOT A FLIPPER. This piece will one day be passed to my sons. I know the family you speak of and they are truly art acedemics that know a TON about artists works/styles. They deserve what they get.

Anonymous said...

I know the family as well. I have vast respect for them. They are serious and smart art collectors, not flippers. Their knowledge in contemporary art is impressive; I've learned a lot from them. I'm inspired by their passion for art collecting.
Congrats to the guy who got the Kara Walker deserve it. It's an amazing piece.

ruben said...

Congratulations 30 yr old collector AKA Anonymous!. I corrected the info in the post saying that YOU, not the family won the Kara Walker that everybody was lusting after.

As you read in the post, I stated that the crowd was art collectors not FLIPPERS.Whatever you chose t o do with Kara's is your choice is yours now. Thanks for letting us know that you are passsing on to your kid.Lovely to hear that!
Enjoy it! It is an amazing piece.

Anonymous said...

Who are the artists behind the other images you posted? Thanks!

ruben said...

I only know of a few.

# 231- Leah Oates
#1119- Marilyn Minter
#358 -Slave Mogutin
#227- Richard Renaildi
#1638 Kara Walker
#1499-Cindy Sherman
#170- George Spencer

As for the other ones is a guessing game.