Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bert Teunissen Limited Edition @ Witzenhausen Gallery New York

Estremoz #4, 27/03/2002 12:36
by Bert Teunissen

Go and get one!
A must have for such a good price!

Bert Teunissen Statement
Portugal I visited two times, once in 2002 and another time in 2003.
The first trip was done in the Alentejo, the second in Tras Os Montes.
In estremoz I found the cooks of the military barracks enjoying their lunch.
Portugal was by far the easiest country to work in; the people were most friendly and they kept inviting us for drinks, diners and talks."

Limited edition:
Bert Teunissen
Estremoz #4, 27/03/2002 12:36
Cibachrome print
11.7 x 16.7 in. (29,7 x 42,4 cm)
Edition of 60 each
$ 380 (€ 290)

From the series of "Domestic Landscapes"
In 1996 Bert started to make a series of photographs that were made in houses ...
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For more info please contact:
Witzenhausen Gallery Amsterdam +31 (0)20 644 9898
Witzenhausen Gallery New York +1 (212) 239 1124

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