Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Current State of the ART Market Series

ARTmostfierce decided that, since 2009 is a new year full of  Change , Hope and a hand full of  Challenges, to do some writing and research work. With the  New Transition of Government coming up next Tuesday January 20, 2009 , most of  the public and private business and industries are going through transitions and re- structuring as well. Being so involved in the Art business and market myself, I thought that it would be interesting to see and get an insight of what some of the people that, I consider in my opinion not only the most knowledgeable , educated, proactive, creative and to some great extent, the best minds of the art business now, constantly redefining what the Art market is and what  it will be during this current economic crisis. After all, these brilliant and talented individuals on one way or the other, have helped me over the time build my art collection.  Whether buying their work, seeking advice or sharing information, I highly recommend any of these individuals and organizations that will be profiled individually in several series of blog posts for the next two weeks or so. This time, is their opinion and insight that matters and the main purpose is to share in a positive light what is being done to continue to  Art business to keep thriving. I will be reporting for you readers only!

This is the almost final list of Art Wonders so far:
(profiles and interviews are not done in listed order)

1.Daniel Cooney- Gallery Owner -Daniel Cooney Fine Art Gallery
2.Kellie McLaughlin-  Director of Print Program Aperture Foundation-Non for profit Art Organization
3.Will Steacy- Photographer-Emerging Artist
4.Cara Phillips- Amy Elkins -Photographers and co-Founders of WIPNYC-Women in Photography NYC .Org
5.Amy Stein- Photographer -Artist/Educator
6.Zoe Strauss-Photographer ,Mid- range Artist and Founder and Director of the Philadelphia Art Project PAP
7.Susan Meiselas- Established  Magnum Photojournalist-Artist/ fundraiser for Magnum Photos.
8.Michael Hoeh-Art- Art collector /Editor in chief of Modern Art Obsession blog.
9.Lisa Hunter-Art collector/Writer/ Editor in chief of the Intrepid Art Collector blog
10.Jon Feinstein-Curator/Photographer
11.Shayna McClelland-  Public Relations for SCOPE Art Fairs
12.Brian Ulrich-Photographer/Educator/blogger
13.Sara Tecchia- Sara Tecchia Roma New York Gallery-Owner / Art collector
15.Amani Olu- Founder and Director of Humble Arts Foundation and Private Art Dealer
16. Marisa Sage-Director/Owner-Like the Spice Gallery, Brooklyn , NYC
17. Shane Lavalette- School of Visual Arts Senior Art Student- Photographer
18. Melanie Flood- Photographer/ Art Dealer and Owner of Melanie Flood Projects
19. Robin Rice- Owner, Robin Rice Gallery/Photographer

I still want to add an senior year college art student and museum fundraiser or director. More to come!
At the end of the interview and profile cycle , all the facts, ideas and information provided will be all summarized into a full article. It is a challenge  that , I want to take and feel is important for the Art community to pull together. As Art collecting winds down for me, the need to have an outlet for developing  and redefining my future in the art business as well. 

Next and first blog post is going to Dan Cooney, Owner of Daniel Cooney Gallery in the Chelsea Art District of NYC. Stay tuned!


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