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Singular Beauty- Help Cara Phillips make her book come true!

Singular Beauty- Cara Phillips
Singular Beauty- Cara Phillips

Being in the season of ''Giving'' I encourage you all to help Photographer and dear friend Cara Phillips make her dream book come true. I am not a big Kickstarter Campaign lover but, this is only exception that I am making because Cara's work is so worth it, had supported it, collected, shown it and can truly attest for its exceptional quality and theme. For the ones who had not ever saw her first attempt at a Singular Beauty book , Cara created a  small limited hand made edition of 5 which it is right now in the possession of very 1% VIP art and book collectors. Now it is your turn to help her bring her theme and message to the other 99% of us. You will not be disappointed with the end result nor content of this book which, has a very strong and reflective social message. Remember January 20th is the deadline so, every little helps! Contribute today!

Here is more info about the project:

Dear friends and supporters,

First I want to thank everyone who has supported my work over the years and kept me going even in difficult times. Now I am embarking on the most ambitious and important project of my career--publishing my first book.

Singular Beauty 
(Summer 2012) is being published by Fw: a non-profit publishing platform based in Amsterdam. Co-founded by designer Hans Gremmen, Fw: is an independent organization that initiates projects, publications, exhibitions, lectures and gatherings between photographers, writers and curators.

And while independent projects give artists and designers the ability to take risks and push themselves creatively, they must find self-fund. So in order to make this project a reality, I have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

For just $45 you can pre-order the book. Singular Beauty will be 192 pages (2 x 96 pp) / 22 x 26 cm / colour / ± 50 images / stapled / Japanese binding and it is limited to 700 copies.

I know these are challenging times and there are many worthwhile projects that need funding, so whether you can pledge $5, $25, $45, $150, or $2500, every amount makes a difference.

Kickstarter is an ALL or NOTHING funding model, I must reach my full funding goal, $15,8000 by Jan 20th, 2012.

Thank you so much for your time and support.
To learn more about Kickstarter, check out this recent New York Times article
And if you feel so inclined help spread the word! 

Singular Beauty (Summer 2012): pre-order your copy
on Kickstarter now until Jan 20, 2012
Member of POC Project 

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