Monday, December 12, 2011

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week- Ho Ho Ho Holiday Unique Limited Edition $50.00 by Ruben Natal San Miguel @ Finch & Ada

Salon de Belleza 2, 2011, Harlem, NYC.


Señorita's Flower 2011, Harlem
Gossip Girl, 2011, Harlem, NYC

This is the time of the year to say thanks to all the support and considering the current Economy, wanted to make a very special and very limited ( only unique edition of 3 ) of my most popular images for you and the ones who cannot afford the other 2 or three standard sizes. There were times that many people liked the photographs and said they wish they had the money...well now here is your chance. Along with my Art Dealers Finch and Ada , decided to have a special Holiday sale to cheer the spirit with art!

The limited edition is pretty unique. At only and edition of 3 , some of these images will never be printed nor reproduced ever again. They are also full bleed image , printed on metallic finish print and signed at verso. Some sizes range from 5 x 5 or 5 x7 . So far 10 prints had been sold and they will be gone soon!

So deck the walls, bring to someone a very special Hanukkah present, be original and spread the love with art!

You can see all 12 images here!
Happy Shopping!
Big love,

 Mini Holiday Print Sale: As some of you are aware, we launched our first ever holiday print sale last week, featuring a selection of images by artist Ruben Natal-San Miguel. This sale includes 12 fetching 5"x5" or 5"x7" images at $50 each! That's right, only $50.00* each and we are waiving the $8 shipping/handling fee to deliveries within New York. We hope that this mini-sale, with its' mini price point will entice you to collect or gift a loved one with the spark of art collecting. These gems of Harlem will add pizazz to any apartment wall. Please email me directly for purchase(s), we use PayPal to invoice. Order by Dec. 17th to receive before Christmas. 
For more information and to view the Mini Holiday Print Sale, click HERE.

(*New York Sales Tax applies to residents) 

Here is the link for the print sale on the Finch&Ada site for you to share:

Glamour Break Diva, 2009, Harlem
Subway Rider, 2011, NYC

Lady Money Sings the Blues, 2011, Harlem, NYC


Salon de Belleza , 2011 Harlem NYC.
Harlem Tribe, 2010 Harlem , NYC
Parade King 2011 Harlem, NYC.
Señorita's Roach Kilers, 2011, E.Harlem, NYC.

Nightcrawler, 2009, NYC

Outdoor Altar, 2007, E. Harlem, NYC


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