Thursday, February 3, 2011

For Once In My Life-I hope you find the time to watch this documentary

I stumbled upon  this PBS documentary by Independent Lens last night while having one of my insomnia episodes.

This was so wonderful and uplifting. It really puts your life into perspective.
No matter how busy you are , please find he time and watch it. So, so worth it!

You can watch the whole documentary here:

Program: Independent Lens
Episode: For Once in My Life
Made up of 29 musicians and singers who all have severe mental and physical disabilities, the Spirit of Goodwill Band is a raucous home away from home where members are free to display their talent, humor, and tenacity. Every member of the Spirit of Goodwill band copes with incredible challenges and obstacles, but nothing holds them back when it's time to rock the house.


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