Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thank you Christopher Paquette for your Goodwill !

''Goodwill'' By Christopher Paquette
Today during the Second Session of Fall Portfolio Reviews NYC, I had the pleasure of looking at the work of photographer Christopher Paquette. Among the images there was one called Goodwill that always liked and stayed on my head since Christopher posted it a while back on Facebook. The minute I saw it ,  loved it!

So today,  after I had a face to face encounter with Goodwill and Christopher out of his kindness and goodwill gave me the image as a present. Needless to say this made my day! It was a very busy, but very productive day with great variety of talented photographers work to look at.

Thank you  so much Christopher!. Today with your generous gesture you reminded me why, I love photography and how lucky I am of doing what I do! 

I love it! Looking already for a frame for it and a very happy and great addition for my art collection. It is going up!

Please take a look at Christopher work here.

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