Monday, October 25, 2010

Another great print sale coming up in a season of a quite saturated ART market

There is soooo much prints available in the market  right now. There is a complete total market saturation! Is anybody keeping track of it?  I am !

Between all the auctions, benefits, limited edition programs from non for profit...ay ay so saturated.

Competition is a healthy thing but, can we let the non for profits have their day in the sun and make some money?

It is a great market for purchasing but, one must be careful where you buy from, at what price and most of all WHO are you buying from.

One of the main problems is that some artists are doing benefits, auctions, every group show in town and  oh the limited editions that at times can kill an artists career. It is great to have so many options to buy now, the problem is that since there is so much out there right now, a lot of items will remain unsold and by this it will hurt the organization trying to sell it and ultimately the artist.

We all need money and speaking of $$$ mula $$$ everyone needs to remember that all this purchasing money ( us included) is coming from the very same wallet (remember that is most likely are always the same buying wallets) and we just can't buy it all at the same time.

So yes, while there is great options to buy right now due to this desperate actions of this art organizations, at the end of the day , the artists whoring the work out to everybody are hurting themselves and a lot of work will remain unsold, leaving some artists careers on life support...

Now speaking of good deals here is another one.

Our dear talented Photographer Amy Stein is doing this Wednesday. 10/27/10, a double feature 20x200 edition. Cleverly enough, Amy decided to do C-prints (a  very, very smart move) of what it is one of my favorite series of her body of work, Halloween in Harlem. So saying this , YES, shop , shop shop for this one!

This is one of the best season bargains. I am doing this one and if you are a savvy shopper, so do you!
Get ready this Wednesday October 27, 2010. Trick or Treat...

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