Saturday, March 14, 2009

USA Network Character Project Party!

Photo-American Character by Chronicle Books

ARTmostfierce had quite a blast last Thursday during the USA Networks Character Project 3/12/09 party and book launch. The room was full of celebrities including hosts actors,Mena Suvari and Jeff Glodblum.One of the highlights of the night for me was to meet and have a conversation with  my favorite photographers, Bruce Davidson.  

The work of these amazing and talented photographers is captured and put together in a book published by Chronicle Books with a foreword by Tom Brokaw. The show was incredible with a great range of portraits of American characters from all parts and walks of life of the USA.

 Considering the economic times that we are experiencing right now, This show , book and travelling exhibit showcases and gives a sense of hope demonstrating a great American spirit captured through the lenses of unique and diverse photographers. For anybody interested in collecting American Photography the book is a good source. The exhibit will rejoice you and lift your spirits. The work of the photographers is a must collect, specially for an American Photography collector like me!
Unfortunately, I left my camera home that day (damn!) but our dear friend Christina Caputo from Aperture Foundation was camera ready and got some cool shots of the show . See here:

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Anonymous said...

Hi darling, great to see you briefly and thank you for drawing attention to this project! Yes, nice to see a positive view of things these days. There IS hope!!