Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hearst Biennial 3/30/09

John Bennette, the curator of the Hearst Biennial posing with a friend in front of Brad Carile's photographs.

Miriam from El Foco Art Magazine, Gallery owner Michael Mazzeo and 8 x 10 winner Louie Palu

Our ever so Humble Amani Olu and Jon Feinstein

Will Steacy celebrating 8 x 10 Honorable mention

Photo- Michael Mazzeo, Jon Feinstein, John Bennette, Will Steacy and Michael Hoeh...what a gang!

Sorry guys, I was a bit tipsy while taking this photo!

8 x 10 Hearst Biennial Judge and amazing photographer Mary Ellen Mark

The Hearst Biennial opening party was Monday and it was such a good party. Great crowd, great photographic work and a magnificent space. Special thanks and congratulations to John Bennette for doing such a great job curating the show. If you have a chance please stop by and check it out.


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Mike @ MAO said...

Nice photos Ruben.

What a great photo show, and party.. A big Thanks to John Bennette.

So I can't believe MAO was one of the only people in your photos without a HAT!!