Thursday, March 17, 2011

More highlights from AIPAD- New Photography @ M + B Arts

 Mike Brodie-#0924, 2006

All images Courtesy of M+ B Arts

At M+B Arts  Gallery booth for AIPAD  there are several artists and works worth looking into for collecting purposes.

One of them is the  photography work series of Mike Brodie-  Brodie compulsively documented his exploration of the tumultuous world of transient subcultures without regard to how the photographs would exist beyond him. After feeling as though he documented all that he could of his subject, his insatiable wanderlust found a new passion, and as quickly as he began making photographs, he has left the medium to continue in his constant pursuit of new adventures.

  I  highly recommend you try to see the photographs in person to appreciate its quality and beauty. 

Mike Brodie-#3102, 2007

Then  in its opposite wall there is the  retro seventies Angels work series  of Hugh Holland
Cool , beautiful and another great time capsule of photography with the great  color palette of that decade.
Hugh Holland-Reach Out ,1976

The super cool photography work of Matthew Porter
This one is one of my favorites
Matthew Porter-Falcon Apocalypse, 2010

And off course, the why you don't own an Alex Prager Photograph yet???

Here is two to temp you. And, I will not say it again but, It won't hurt to see Alex Prager show prints and do some price inquiries. Some happy souls listened during PULSE  Art Fair a few weeks ago paid off. Now it might be your last lucky turn...just saying...Remember to tell who send you and, Benjamin and Shannon will take good care of you.

Alex Prager-Sheryl. 2009

 Kate, 2008 is one of my favorites.
Alex Prager- Kate, 2008


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Saw Hugh Holland's work yesterday. It is amazing!!

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