Friday, March 18, 2011

Done with AIPAD-Let the cocktail parties begin!

Irving Penn, 1957

Courtesy of The Halsted Gallery

Ok folks, I am done. Hope that  you all attend AIPAD.This year there is a great selection of new photography that makes a good contrast and compliments the traditional  classic photography that the fair is mostly known for.

I did get to see some amazing drop dead gorgeous classic photography with price tags to match it. Speaking of price tags, the pricing of some of the photographs range from $500.00 to as high as $850,000...yes and maybe higher.

Saving the very best for last here is THE ONE photograph that was my most favorite and was so great to see... a portrait of Pablo Picasso by Irving Penn at The Halsted Gallery. At a mere only $132,000.00 USD is a collectors dream come true.

On that note, time to start hitting the glamorous cocktail parties, with all its air kissing and fabulous outfits, Alix Smith and Bruce Silverstein tonight, tomorrow Joe Baio's yearly party extravaganza and who knows what else the night might bring. I am ready for some serious socializing...

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