Wednesday, March 16, 2011

AIPAD 2011 Highlights- New Photography

I will only highlight new photography works from AIPAD. Stay tuned...more coming!

All photography by Jonathan Smith and courtesy of Rick Wester Fine Arts

"Manhattan Bridge, Twilight" 2006

"Untitled # 4,", 2007

"Untitled #780" 2008

"Untitled # 40" 2009

"Untitled # 53" 2009

The work of Jonathan Smith @  Rick Wester Fine Art  AIPAD booth is a must see . Also, they have a special edition 16 x20 inches of five images, edition of 50 for only $500.00 each. Here they are, fresh out of the oven!

Jonathan Smith was one of the winners of the 8x10 Hearst Biennial curated by John A. Bennette and still on display.

This is a must have!


Aline said...

Great to see AIPAD through your eyes...

ruben said...

Thanks Aline!
Next year , you need to fly up earlier so, we can tour AIPAD together!