Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Art For Rent?...ARTSICLE To The Rescue! -Artwork without a huge commitment

  • Size:
  • 30"x30" (Image size 16"x16")
  • Medium:
  • C-Print
  • Edition:
  • of 6
  • Other:
  • Framed

Artsicle offers customers artwork without a huge commitment |

A New York web-based program makes it possible for indecisive art lovers to enjoy a variety of artwork without having to suffer from buyer's remorse.
Artsicle allows customers to choose a piece of artwork and rent it for a reasonable price of fifty dollars a month. If they like the artwork, they can purchase it for the full amount. If they do not, they can trade it in for something different or simply return it.
"I love the idea of try before you buy because I have a pretty novice eye," says customer Andrew Dumas.
The program gives customers like Andrew the opportunity to see how the artwork will mesh with their home décor or artwork that was previously purchased.
"I could keep that painting on my wall for six months or I could decide tomorrow that it's not the right size or didn't necessary love it and want to try something new and recycle as needed," he says.
Alexis Tryon and Scott Carleton are the founders of the new program and website.
"I had a woman who said she's been collecting for 30 years and this was a new way to discover new artists that didn't require as much door to door," says Alexis.
"We really wanted to make art more accessible to everyone and we found that people aren't just scared of buying art on line they're scared of buying art period," adds Scott.
The artists featured on Artsicle love the idea as much as the customers. Myles Bennett is one of thirty three artists who have their work on the website, which now has an inventory of more than five hundred pieces.
Bennett feels that the exposure his work has received is priceless, even having his art featured in galleries nationwide does not compare.
"I've already had 3 pieces go out within two weeks. It's just kind of amazing," he says.
"We're trying to make new collectors, I feel like it's the end goal," adds Alexis.
All the pieces are insured, you must sign a contract and they deliver piece to your home
Pieces vary from postcard size to 6 feet.
Works cost up to 5000 dollars, but most fall between 500 and 1500 dollars
For more information, visit the website at
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