Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And Introducing...Melanie Flood Projects Debut in Portland, Oregon

WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? Devon Dikeou From And Introducing...
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Our dear friend and art maven New Yorker Melanie Flood relocated to Portland Oregon not too long ago in searh of new life and ventures. Here we are Introducing... Melanie debut in Portland!

Melanie, I will be there in sprirt!
 If are in the Portland area , go and see the show and tell me all about it.

And Introducing...
Curated by Melanie Flood
Opening Reception Friday March 11, 2011, 6-9PM
 Worksound Gallery
 820 SE Alder Portland, OR 97214

And introducing breaking the rules. Introducing personality. Introducing prisons, inflatable mattresses, and Don’t Mess with Texas. Introducing a way of discovering how you want to belong and how you can. Introducing a $175 million debt, Learning how to Dougie, Tina Turner and introducing found objects. Introducing cactus blasting, plastic Easter eggs and an exposure that’s one to two cigarettes long. Introducing Erica Allen, Jason Polan, Breanne Trammell, Devon Dikeou, Stephen Watt, Noah Kalina, and Micheal Shelton (the Longboard Kid). 
 Breanne Trammell's Don't Mess With Texas 

Curated by Melanie Flood, And Introducing… breaks existing rules and invents brand-new ones. The show is polemical in how personal it is, conceptual in how random. These artists are connected by a strand twined together from creativity, experience, and life. They do their own things. They are not controlled, collected, composed. The artists of And Introducing… express, through photographs, drawings, objects, and ideas a deep and true commitment to life under the creative influence.

There aren’t any rules left anymore, at least not in this show. Or there are rules, but they’re new ones. Create. Consider. Throw it away and do it again. Crochet a Cheeto just because you can, and do a drawing every day, just because you want to. Isn’t that what art was always supposed to be about? Let’s leave it to the critics to throw in their extrapolations, their ideals, their historical juxtapositions and critical ideologies. But we’ll just come and look. And see. And laugh. And feel better, just before we feel worse, just before we feel fucking great.

And so, here, it’s time.
Curtain call.
And introducing…
Stephen Watt's 'Dancing with Ourselves'. 

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