Friday, January 9, 2009

Something else to do this weekend...

The Ames Gallery is introducing the large, lusciously colored canvases of Ursula Barnes (1872-1958), whose experience as a dancer on the New York stage may have encouraged a penchant for blond Mae West-like damsels and turn-of-the-century dress.

Yes there is this ART Fair called The Outsider Fair (maybe is more like the out of Towner Art Fair?)ARTmostfierce does not know much about it but, intents to get the scoop.

Roberta Smith wrote about it today in the NY Times!
Lets see what she says...
Art Review
Where Outsiders Come in From the Cold

Published: January 8, 2009
A review of one of the first art fairs of 2009 should begin with pronouncements about the plunging art market, the weakening dollar, skittish dealers and the sins of the recent past. Let’s pretend it did, and move on. There’s a fresh fair to be seen, and a new location to adjust to.
read more about it here...
Check out their site.

I still recommend Postcards From The Edge @ Metro Pictures Friday (benefit and go-see)and Saturday (buying the postcards, see info a few blog post below) as the venue to hit this weekend.A whole week of exercising has made a big difference for me and I highly recommend that too. Next week spinning class will be part of the routine...even if I won't be able to walk afterwards!

Stay warm and have a nice weekend!

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