Monday, January 5, 2009

Burned Out Tour from Art Collecting !

Photo- Janet Finkel, Ruben Natal-San Miguel and Amy Elkins during happier days

Lately, ARTmostfierce is feeling totally burned out with art collecting issues.It is no fun anymore and becoming a rather costly and at times negative experience.

Being 2009 now, I started to hit the gym again everyday (need to get my old physique back ). I figure rather than being angry and disappointed at all my latest art collecting misfortunes, this is a good way to deal with it in a positive manner. Right now, I feel mentally drained and exhausted.

Art collecting is at times a bit intense for me and now that I see the ugly side of it, makes me run away from it the same way I dealt with my Club/Fashion/Beauty Pageant days. Slowing down...or maybe stopping altogether!


Anonymous said...


I know you are discouraged but don't forget all the great experiences you had this year and the amazing, AMAZING pieces you bought -- not to mention all the wonderful people you met. Don't stop, dearest. What would the art world do without you?

Anonymous said...


You and MAO are my big inspirations in this new amazing addiction of collecting art.

By me and by all the many others, but specially by you, don´t give up.

And thank's for all


Lisa Hunter said...

We'll always have Paris. Or at least Zoe's "Paris in Jail."

ruben said...

LS and Leslie:
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!
LS - Please email me.

MAO also says thanks for the kind words.

ruben said...
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