Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines!

Photos from top to bottom:
1.Remember-Photo installation by Pepe Villegas
2.PR in December- Photo by Pablo Colon
3.Houston Tunnel- Photo by Pablo Colon
4.Video Still - Warrior Video by Pepe Villegas

ARTmostfierce wishes you all a Hot,Happy and Fierce Valentines Day!
Here are some photos of Artists Pablo Colon and Pepe Villegas expressing their feelings about Valentines.
Everyday should be Christmas and Valentines

Not much to say about the topic.Not in love or in love with myself!

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Leslie said...

Ruben: You should be in love with yourself; this blog is fierce!!! Congratulations. Who is the artist who did the escalator photo below? It's fab.