Friday, February 22, 2008

Lassie to the rescue...

There is a lot of back and forth these days in Blogosphere!
What it might look like meow mix cat fights sometimes is just plain Gay bitchy ART bar banter.
I surely learned the hard way today so on that note... I am sending Lassie to the rescue.

ARTmostfierce will like to dedicate this video to the folks at MAO (Modern Art Obsession) and Kenny T and DC of DCKT Gallery Opening March 20,2008 in LES(Lower East Side).
And just remember Lassie is always there for you all...Ha!
By the way this way I get to try if I know how to post a video !
Many thanks to Pablo Colon for sending me this video.


Mike @ MAO said...

Ha Ha Ruben!!

You better watch out for those DCKT people... now that they're on the hip LES and wearing purple suits.. they'll be coming after you too!!

And if they ever come to your apartment for an art visit.. be sure to hide the tequila!

ruben said...

Oh no!

Lassie's brother said...

I am here to protect you...ARTmostfierce.
And I won't drink your tequila!

Lassie's brother said...

And I will also protect the Motorcade Mafia!!!

pAbLO said...

Lassie a la Matrix is FIERCE!
Glad I sent him to protect Artmostfierce and MAO!