Sunday, February 24, 2008

The 20th Annual Art Show

had to finally get his ass to the land of botox, anorexic, fake tan, bad implants, cat- like surgery faces (or should I say leather faces!) and lets not forget bitchy gallerinas to see the Art Show. With the company of two real (I mean real!) gorgeous women friends Leslie Farrel and Janet Finkel (my mafia body guards) after a tasty brunch, we decided to check it out!

ARTmostfierce and its mafia motorcade arrived and we were all pleasantly surprised. We liked the show and decided that the Art Dealers were safe and smart by showing classic established and pricey (I mean pricey $$$) contemporary works. By selling a couple of some of the classic pricey pieces on their collections, the dealers seem to brave the questionable ART market and keep the inflatable bubble going. ARTmostfierce is always loving the artwork but, also always checking out the price tags.

We bumped and met Chuck Close (I kind of wanted to give him a hug!) and liked him very much. So nice and dignified, was looking at every body's art. He felt like Moses opening the Red Sea (I mean the crowd) with his!

Anyway let's talk about the show. We saw some great Ed Ruscha's , loved the David Klamen ''Interiors'' at Chicago's Richard Grey Gallery (leave to the out of towners to take risks). Most of it was Picasso, Miro, Richard Prince, Baldessari, Joan Mitchell, Henry Moore (loved the small sculpture), Calder, Avedon, Pollock, De Kooning... etc...etc. Some lovely Lisa Yuskavage paintings...very pricey ones.

A Vik Muniz photo, stood out among all these pricey established artists. The image was from the Chocolate Syrup series forming the shape of a Matador. ARTmostfierce heard that it was sold for a lot of mula$$$$.

Another piece that caught the eye was a small (very small ) painting by the British artist named Katy Moran. Priced at $18,000.00 USD (who is she?) we decided to do some snooping and found out from Andrea Rosen's gang that she was at a group show at the Tate and Gagosian at some point. Anyway keep an eye on her. She is going to be at Andrea Rosen (another group show?) opening on March 14, 2008.

There was one photo that Artmostfierce went crazy about. The photo was from Burk Uzzle at Lawrence Miller Gallery booth. The title is Desert Prada, Marfa, Texas 2006 a 24 x 30 , edition of 10 for a mere $25,000.00 USD. After salivating for a few minutes and begging (or bedding) the owner to let me take a photo (see above), I started to look for a Sugar Daddy...err(David Geffen) to see if I can have Christmas or a late Valentines present...Ha!

The photograph was kind of reminiscent of the Prada or Nada days! Also will be a good souvenir the day I pack my things and retired to a place like Marfa so I can have my Prada (even if it is on a photo) or Nada surrounding me.No seriously, we loved the photo and its message. Almost towards the end of the show they sold 8 out of the 10 (do the math). If somebody got this photo, please make sure to tell ARTmostfierce so, I can send my mafia after you!

The only thing cheaper than $18,000.00 USD was the benefit print Air Kissing by Jessica Craig -Martin (see above) . At $2,000.00 USD, The image represented quite well the spirit and mood of the fair.

Then ARTmostfierce and the Mafia Motorcade left and went to the MoMA to see the Design and the Elastic Mind show.
Tomorrow you hear about it . It was quite fierce!
Tomorrow also Jury Duty...can Lassie or anybody rescue me from it?
Living Fast and Furious!



angelo said...

ARTmostfierce and the Mafia Motorcade had a very busy weekend.
And I am glad you begged for the Prada...And who is that red hair dancer? can be fun.

pAbLO said...

Awesome new red head photo.. who that? Thanks for the REAL tour through the Artshow! David la Chappelle would have had a field day! LOVE Chuck Close...Good JOB with The Prada store photo (begging or bedding (for the right things)has its advantages!.
So it seems recession or people are still flashing their art$$$...perhaps it will be short economic slump??....we need elections yesterday!

Mike @ MAO said...


You didn't get MAO anything at the ADAA fair???

Yes..Art Prices were sky high at the fair.. but still selling.. all be it at a slower pace than last year...

The slower and steady... is probably a good thing! Let's hope it lasts.

dating girl said...

I love being your bodyguard. Thank you for saving me from spending $18K on that gorgissimo Katy Moran.

ruben said...

Everything you would liked including the Vik Muniz was already sold!
Start making your Christmas wish list.

Anonymous said...

You haven't seen an art show until you've gone with ARTmostfierce. I had a great time. Loved being a part of the mafia. I have to mention that we had 2 "Close" calls. First we passed Glen Close and later ran into Chuck. Chuck made me weak. I love, love, love him. Thanks to Ruben who made the introductions. Where do we go next?