Friday, November 21, 2014

What is a Portrait ? Competition WINNERS!!!

Drum Roll !!!
The WINNERS of What is a Portrait? Competition are:

First Prize Winner- Matthew Swarts

Second Prize Winner -Caleb Cole

Third Prize Winner-  Mariette Pathy Allen

Honorable Mention- Luis Carle
Honorable Mention- Lesly Deschler Canossi

Winners by Portraiture Categories

Environmental Portraits- Nina Buesing Corvallo
Documentary Portraits- Kate Pollard Hoffmann
Self Portraits - Rocio De Alba
Traditional Portraits- Joe Gaffney
Experimental Portraits- David Meanix
Celebrity Portraits- Rafael Fuchs
Candid Portraits- David Sweet
Glamour Portraits- Larry Torno
Lifestyle Portraits- Shannon Clyne
Surreal Portraits-Craig Becker
Conceptual Portraits-Alison Stewart
Abstract Portrait - Maury Gortemiller
Modern Portraits-Christopher Borrok
Family Portraits- Antonio Pulgarin
Landscape Portraits- Nancy Oliveri
Animal Portraits- Bibiana Skraby Medkova
Conceptual Portraits-Rita Koehler
Selfie Portraits- Caroline Kessler
Mixed Media Portraits -Russ Rowland
Event Portraits- Valery Rizzo
Street Portraits- Sheri Lynn Behr

Please excuse me if got your name misspelled incorrectly ( can be fixed)
It was very hard for me to decide but kept coming back to the same images and artists. Since Portraiture is such a vast theme wanted to honor artists whose work stood out besides the winners. Congratulations to you all!!!
Big love,
Ruben Natal-San Miguel

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