Thursday, July 18, 2013

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print pick of the Week: Ruben Natal-San Miguel Limited Edition ''Fighter'' for Schroeder- Romero Editions .

''Fighter'' 2007, Harlem, NYC.
Ruben Natal San Miguel

Today, on my way back from Orchard Beach to Manhattan on the 6 right near the Soundview , Bronx stop saw from above the ultimate fire hydrant street scene that had not been able to find in Harlem since 2007. Off course got off and photographed the whole thing...amazing! Coincidentally today and exactly 6 years ago , I photographed 'Fighter' in Harlem . Today @Schroeder - Romero editions have ' Fighter' available in a 8x10 full bleed metallic print limited edition. Signed and editioned at verso.

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