Sunday, October 21, 2012

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week: Zoe Crosher for 20x200

The Triple Vision Flattened Fantasy from the Disbanding of Michelle duBois

by Zoe Crosher

I just happen to visit the Modern Museum of Modern Art yesterday to see the New Photography 2012 show . Among the selected artists for it one of them is Zoe Crosher which, had been a great fan of her work. A big surprise for me was to see that among the images for Zoe Crosher, Michelle Dublois series on display one of them was the one that our dear art maven Jen Bekman selected as this week feature on 20x200. Now folks, I highly encourage you to get one. They are limited edition and sign and how often you will get to say that you own the same image that is currently on display at the MoMA...? You get my point? Kudos to Jen Bekman and her 20x200 for making high art available to all of us. And, now like Sofia Vergara will say in the K-mart ads...NOW GO!

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