Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Picture Black Friday 2011

''As Good As It Gets'' 2009 , Harlem NYC.
©Ruben Natal-San Miguel
Finalist Picture Black Friday 2009

''Buy One Get Two Free'', 2009 Harlem, NYC.
©Ruben Natal -San Miguel
Finalist Picture Black Friday 2009

Photographers!- Get your cameras ready for the next Black Friday! No matter where you are, you can be part of it and document the event for the 2011 PICTURE BLACK FRIDAY. This year Ruben Natal-San Miguel will be one of the jurors. Rock on!

This is a great opportunity to showcase your talents and be part of this competition which is... FREE .

I submitted work to Picture Black Friday in 2009 (its very first year) and ended up being one of the finalists. Now one of my photographs (second from top) will be published in November issue of
Aperture Magazine (on news stands Nov 22) as part of a pictorial article about Picture Black Friday.

This can happen to you too so...go 4 it and enter the competition!
There is more plans coming up , so stay tuned!

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