Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11-Your Favorite images of 2010

A day filled with number ones and speaking of the one, I was asked by wonderful photographer/teacher/blogger/curator  Aline Smithson ( you know one of those wonder people that  can do it (or try ) to do it all  like me) to submit my favorite photograph of my own from 2010 for a Lenscratch on line  curated show.

Please take a look here:
Some really wonderful photographs!
Thanks Aline!

It was not my best year in so many ways, sometimes being sooo damn busy, sometimes not inspired and sometimes too sick to even lift my camera. I had chosen this one (shown below) because in so many ways it represents the work that I enjoy the the moment street photography. I think honestly that, I can look at it 20 years from now and feel happy and proud that I was able to capture this moment.

 I can guarantee you that Harlem NYC will not look like this 5 years from now. Currently 55 % of the neighborhood is already White and all the rich Columbia Univ. Jewish kids  and families are moving in. The gays missed the boat on this one because, it is too late and too expensive already for them to make their mark like in Chelsea or Midtown. It is becoming an extension of the Upper West Side and with that goes the flavor and photographs like this one. A brand new chain of the  W hotels just opened 3 blocks away from where, I photographed the Girl with curlers which to me, is already looking like an image from the past even though, I took it only 2 years ago.

Photo- Go on Girl, Cheer me up! - 2010 Harlem NYC
Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Time is running out in my already 7 year project so , I decided that from now on this is one of my main priorities, to able able  to document and photograph as much as I can before it becomes too sanitized.
So on 2011, if you don't see me often , this is where you will find me before it all disappears and everything will look like any other street in Manhattan...Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Daryl-Ann Saunders said...

Ruben, superb image. Also I like what you wrote about it and know exactly what you mean because the same thing will be happening where I live (hope not).