Thursday, May 13, 2010


Shelley- by Zach Hyman and Carrie Shaltz

Tonight -Opening of The Naked Truth!

THE NAKED TRUTH- Curated by Ruben Natal- San Miguel. Opening May 13, 2010@ hous projects gallery in Soho, NYC. A photographic and video visual survey of 50 years of Voyeurism, Nudity and Sex.From Bert Stern's Marilyn Monroe 1962''Last Sitting'' to the 2010 Jen Davis- Skype/Webcam series.

Photography by:
Bert Stern
Robert Mapplethorpe
Helmut Newton
Susan Meiselas
Nan Goldin
David Wojnarowicz
Herb Ritts
Mark Fields
Duane Michals
Marla Rutherford
Natasha Gornik
Chad States
Will Steacy
Naomi Harris
Terri Richardson
Ryan McGinley
Marilyn Minter
Phil Toledano
David La Chapelle
Luke Smalley
John Arsenault
Juliana Beasley
Amy Elkins
Josh Qiugley
Aaron Lee Fineman
Zach Hyman
Carrie Shaltz
Jaime Permuth
Guillermo Riveros
Jen Davis

Video by:
Gerard Forster
Pierre St. Jacques


...Just in time for warmer weather and less clothes....

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