Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peripheries- Mohamed Bourouissa @ Yossi Milo Gallery

Photo- Peripheries by Mohamed Bourouissa
Photo-La Main, 2006 by Mohamed Bourouissa

Slowly Catching up posting! Here is a review of Peripheries a show by Photographer Mohamed Bourouissa currently on display @ Yossi Milo Gallery by ARTmostfierce's News Correspondent , Janine Noelle.

By Janine Noelle
Currently on view at the Yossi Milo Gallery is Périphéries; a series by photographer Mohamed Bourouissa. The ten images from the series portray the racial and social tensions that are affecting the people of France on a daily basis. Bourouissa is staging the events based on common situational re occurrences. By methodically planning the location and lighting, while allowing the subjects freedom in their movements and expressions, the artist is beautifully blending actuality with the impression of reality.

The images depict tense scenes of a contemporary life: two white girls walking past a group of black men; a teenage girl sitting on a bed, one man caressing her while another seems to be waiting his turn. Despite the fact that there is no immediate drama in either photograph the threat of something is profoundly there. The need to worry for another arrives: Will these girls get mugged, or worse? Is she being forced to be with these men? However, upon revisiting and spending further time with the photographs my thoughts deviated from concern to interrogation: Why are these girls in a clearly perilous area? What are they there for?

Being pulled into the conflict of the images I quickly forgot they were false, because in actuality they’re not. The fabrication of the particular events captured doesn’t change the reality this is happening. The works excel not just in the scenarios they’ve depicted but in the execution of this depiction. In not being blatantly aggressive episodes, the artist has us wanting to follow where the story many end and questioning how it began.

You want to know what’s happening, why’s it happening, and how is it going to end.

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