Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zoe Strauss Last I-95 A 10 Year Labor of Love

Zoe Strauss- Cadmen NJ (Cadmen Crack)
This is one of my favorites images from Zoe Strauss work. One of the things that, I admire the most is that I know that , will never will have the guts to take a photograph like this even if, I see this scenario on a daily basis . I know it is hard to look at but, that is exactly why, I find it so amazing and will like to own it someday. This type of photos make you think about life in America, society and how we chose to ignore others. You can put in front of me the prettiest landscape and, still will chose this photo 10 times over.

I am writing about this now two weeks in advance because, you should make plans to visit the City Of Brotherly Love and see Zoe Strauss 10 year I-95 project installation . This is the last year folks so, get on it!

The Chinese Bus will get you to Philadelphia in 1 1/2 hours faster that you can get to DUMBO from Manhattan on a weekend.
At only $10.00 ride each way ...worth the trip for day trippers.

During the past 10 years, Zoe had worked very hard every year to bring ART to the public for free. This is a gallery artist whose work over the past 10 years had gained tremendous recognition among other things including being part of the Whitney Biennial.

I don't think, I know any other artist which such commitment to make art available to the public in such manner.Zoe you are very unique and very very special.

Needless to say, I will be there will ringing bells to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of such an ambitious , selfless, amazing celebration! No matter how busy I will be by then putting a show together ...I am there!

Congratulations Zoe !
See you all in Philly May 2, 2010.

Big love,

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Thanks, Ruben! Love you.