Thursday, April 29, 2010

Road Trip by Leah Oates goes to NEXT Art Chicago & Affordable Art Fair in NYC

Photo- Leah Oates

Road Trip curated by Ruben Natal San-Miguel @ the Affordable Art Fair NYC with Like the Spice Gallery
May 6-9th
I Love Brooklyn Party at AFF on May 6th from 6-9pm. Tickets can be purchase online.

During her extensive travels throughout different parts of the globe, artist Leah Oates has managed to capture the essence, similarities, differences, integration, complexity and interaction between the natural and the urban landscape. In Oates's images each fuse together in such harmony that they coexist with the other. From Finland to Beijing to Newfoundland to the roads of America, Road Trip is a survey of Oates's photographic vision over the past 10 years. One must always be aware of nature in our every day surroundings as it might not be there for long due to the changing world that we live in today. It is also relevant for all of us to realize how the environment around us affects humans, our behavior and the future. Through this portfolio of fifteen carefully selected and beautiful photographs we are able to see through Oates's eyes and travel on a poetic photographic journey to urban and natural landscapes in many locations.

Essay by Ruben Natal San-Miguel

The Road Trip portfolio is an edition of 10 with 5 ap's and hand signed traditional photographs. There are 15 -8"x10" in each portfolio with a bio, image sheet, certificate, and an essay all housed in an archival portfolio box. Five copies sold.

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