Thursday, September 9, 2010

When an ART Dealer crosses the line...

Recently I engaged in a dialogue with a overseas art dealer on a social network regarding a photographer whose work I own and was discussing maybe loaning a piece from my collection to a possible group show. it happens that the NYC dealer of the artist in question got a handle of the conversation and decided to intercept the conversation and put the foot down as ''  all inquiries regarding ____ work need to be directed to the _____ Gallery by sending me also a personal email as well. Really?

Are some art dealers so desperate and tacky these days to try to control collectors art collections?

Mind you, I am not only an art collector, I review work, curate shows and among other things promote and write about artists and its shows?

There is a business etiquette that some art dealers need to learn that people like me have no interest or in the business of stealing artists. There is no competition here of any kind, If I like the work, I stick with it, support it, show it , bring it to dealers and even try to sell it all with the sole purpose of career building for the artist only.
If I ever wanted to open a gallery then you will have to worry about but, rest assured that, I had not intentions of it so please not cross my path ever again...for your own benefit. Actions of this nature has its consequences...

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Ted Z. said...

Knowing nothing about the context of the situation, the details of the events that transpired, or anything about the people involved, I can say without equivocation and without fear of hyperbole that you are 100% right in this situation, totally without fault and that those dealers are worse than the devil.